Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kuan Yin (DMC) ... complete but not frame yet

One of my mega project... Kuan Yin (DMC Chart)

I finish 80% of this design within 1 month... till the part where I need to stitch the white stitches. Really hard cos I keep missing a few stitches here & there and I need to go back to stitch it. So I chuck it aside till early 2009..Finally its finished.
Hope to frame it soon... I am working on the "100 shou" (PINN Chart) for my grandma 90th birthday in Oct 09 so wanna frame it together lor.... hoping for discount.


  1. WAW!!!!I like this soooo much!!It`s amazing!!!!Great!!!Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Wow... my first comment. Thanks Carmen.

  3. Gorgeous! I also have this pattern and am working on it (way slower than you), and I need to ask - for the "shimmer" behind the sun, and also the "froth" in the sea below, my instructions (which are in Chinese) confuse me -- am I meant to only do it a half stitch, combining one strand of gold? (I also understand there are a few different versions, and ours may be different). Please help! Thanks!