Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some of my WIP

Here are some of my WIP (Work in Progress).

Target to complete ALL before Jan 1, 2010 cos I got a pretty long wish list... try really hard not to start another project before finishing ALL these...

Lanarte Kit ... Its my first Embelished Cross Stitch... and also my first project stitch using a tapestry frame. The kit comes with zweigart aida fabric with silk screen background... its really nice.

Everyone LOVE "Lickle Bear". The kit comes with a 16ct Aida Fabric and I completed it in Dec 2008 and gave it to my Hubby as a Christmas gift exchange present.

Now I am working on this design the second time using 11ct Aida. I wanted it to be bigger and plan to frame it for my girls room.

I am working on the half-stitch background & later will work on the back-stitch outline. The background its pretty drag, almost the same colors and lots of it.
Tis should be my second target to complete from my WIP list... first target should be the ALL OUR YESTERDAYS project below.

DIMEMSION GOLD - GEISHA... Beautiful design. Love it... the color is turning out really nice... so why cant i finish this le... This is my first 18ct Aida.
After stitching for hours, I only manage a small section... really cant see the progress... its really slow... but I promise to get back to this and complete it before I start another NEW project... promise promise..

All Our Yesterdays (DMC Kit)
One of my recent project and my first target to complete from my WIP list. Only the clouds are missing... I even finish all the back-stitch.

"100 shou" ... 100 blessing for my grandma... turning 90 this Oct. Really need to complete it & frame it nicely ASAP.
Another mega project... its a big piece but actually its easy. I use water erasable pen to mark all the "shou" characters first... that will make sure all "shou" will be in-line & I dont need to look at the chart & count while stitching.


  1. Everything looks great !!! I love what you stitch ;-)

  2. hi i was wondering how much did it cost u and where can i get it?

  3. hi say and also the frame from the fist picture where can i get it? my email is

  4. I very love to see yours lovely cross stitch piece. I also love cross stitch & just create my own blog ( just today ). I alreally finished the "100 Shou" & also "100 Fu", but I no yet to take a photo. Maybe by next week I will post its to my blog.

  5. hi joey,

    may i know where did you buy the frame that hold the aida cloth as in the first picture?and how much does it cost you?

  6. nice sangat :) i like the tulip one. hehe.. i put your blog link to my list oke :)