Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its School Holiday...

No progress at all on any of my WIP project... ALAMAK.

Its a school holiday week in Malaysia... so its really really difficult to find time to stitch but I did a mini one for my Nicole's teacher yesterday night... Home Sweet Home.

Actually its her first attempt to stitch but end up me finishing it off for her lor.

My second girl, Mandy(7) started stitching at 4 1/2 years old. Now she is really really good. Doing stitches on 14ct Aida & attempting designs with backstitches but she is not ready for 1/2 stitch or 3/4 stitch yet.

That's a pic of my girls stitching... Nicole (4) now understand the pulling of needle with thread the correct way by "up & down... up & down". I realise a lot of young children start stitching by going down & down & down with the needle... and ended up circling & tying the cloth.
The recommended age to start stitching is 5 years old and the best first neeedlecraft to start them with is Cross Stitch... with structure block aida cloth, easy-to-read chart & most importantly blunt needle, its easier for a young kid as compare to embroidery, knitting and etc etc etc.

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