Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Photo-to-Cross Stitch Projects

Two of my proudest project so far.
I use a photo-to-Cross Stitch software online to convert these photos of my girls & Siti.
I complete "MY GIRLS" in 2006... thats 2 1/2 years ago. They look different now. Guess I should stitch another one but this time I plan to have me & my hubby in it too... "THE WHOLE FAMILY"... another mega project in my wish list.
I complete SITI in mid 2007... lots of people ask me why I stitched SITI... its actually for my shop display. I manage to complete it within a month. Its really not easy cos to make it really nice & real, I stitch it using 50 colors... lots of changing of colors. I use to bring SITI for exhibition and from a far many people didnt realise its Cross-Stitched... so I put up a sign... really proud le...

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  1. hai,
    i love ur "My Girls" project very much and i'm hope can turn my baby's boy photo into cross-stich pattern as well. may i know where/how can i download such wonderful software.
    very very appreciate for ur helping.